Chen Jie

  • born and raised in china
  • studied graphic design
  • specialized in corporate identity system design
  • living in germany since three years

I had the idea recycle worn out clothes to unique and emotional dolls, because I like sewing and stitching and have seen a lot of people throw the clothes which they don’t like anymore. the most of these are still pretty new. This make me think if there is a way to change their shape and feeling so that they don’t depend on a fashion.

Modeling my dolls means translating wishes, longings and feelings. it needs long time to finish a doll which has the feeling that it possesses a “soul”. I enjoy the  process to make very small quantities. as I don’t need earn my living with  my dolls I can devote time for every doll. It simply makes more fun to create a individual design for each doll. For me it is important to create dolls for people, who identify themselves with my creations. Everybody can bring own cloth and  I will create a new, unique doll, with the smell and the memory of the past.

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